Issue One:

Jean E. Howard: "Civic Institutions and Precarious Masculinity in
Dekker's The Honest Whore"
Theodore B. Leinwand: Response

Peter Stallybrass: "The Value of Culture and the Disavowal of Things"
Crystal Bartolovich: Response

Carol Banks and Graham Holderness: "'Effeminate Dayes'"
Phyllis Rackin: Response

Valerie Wayne: "The Career of Cymbeline's Manacle"
Garrett A. Sullivan, Jr.: Response

The Electronic Seminar:

Jyotsna Singh and Valerie Wayne

Issue Two:

Richard Halpern: "Shakespeare's Perfume"
Jeffrey Masten: Response

Margreta de Grazia: "Hamlet's Thoughts and Antics"
Juliet Fleming: Response

Alan Sinfield: "Selective Quotation"
David Siar: Response

Barbara Sebek: "Good Turns and the Art of Merchandizing:
Conceptualizing Exchange in Early Modern England"
Scott Cutler Shershow: Response

The Electronic Seminar:

Richard Levin and Alan Sinfield

Issue Three:

Dympna Callaghan: "(Un)natural Loving:
Swine, Pets, and Flowers in Venus and Adonis"
Rebecca Ann Bach: Response

Graham Holderness: Ofelia
Laurence Nowel: Excerpta Quaedam Danica (1565)
Arthur Lindley: Response

Peter Hulme: "Stormy Weather:
Misreading the Postcolonial Tempest"
Ania Loomba: Response

Ann Rosalind Jones: "Needle, Scepter, Sovereignty:
The Queen of Sheba in Englishwomen's Amateur Needlework"
Jennifer Summit: Response

The Electronic Seminar:

Graham Holderness and Edward Pechter

Issue Four

Special Issue on Materiality

David Hawkes: "Faust Among the Witches:
Towards an Ethics of Representation"

Natasha Korda: "The Case of Moll Frith:
Women's Work and the 'All-Male Stage'"

Walter Cohen: "Don Quijote and The Intercontinental History of the Novel"

Christopher Kendrick: "'Majestic Unaffected Style':
Quakerism and Improvement in Paradise Regained"

James Holstun:
"Historical Materialism and Early Modern Studies"

The Electronic Seminar:

Christopher Kendrick

Issue Five

Christian Thorne: "The Grassy-Green Sea"

Christopher Kendrick: Response

Special Cluster on Early Modern Women

Maureen Quilligan: "When Women Ruled the World:
The Glorious Sixteenth Century"

Margaret Ferguson: "Conning the 'Overseers':
Women's Illicit Work in Behn's 'The Adventure of the Black Lady'"

Jill P. Ingram: "A Case for Credit:
Isabella Whitney's 'Wyll and Testament' and the Mock Testament Tradition"

Julie Crawford: "Women (Authors) on Top"
(A Response to Quilligan, Ferguson, and Ingram)

The Electronic Seminar:

Maureen Quilligan: Response to Julie Crawford

Julie Crawford: Response to Maureen Quilligan's Response

Jill P. Ingram: Response to Julie Crawford

Julie Crawford: Response to Jill P. Ingram's Response

Issue Six

Special Issue: Timely Meditations

Huw Griffiths: "The Sonnet in Ruins:
Time and the Nation in 1599"

Shankar Raman: "Marvell's Now"

Linda Charnes: "Reading for the Wormholes:
Micro-periods from the Future"

Sadia Abbas: "Other People's History:
Contemporary Islam and Figures of Early Modern European Dissent"

Jonathan Gil Harris: "Untimely Mediations"
(A Response to Griffiths, Raman, Charnes, and Abbas)

The Electronic Seminar:

Linda Charnes: Response to Jonathan Gil Harris

Jonathan Gil Harris: Response to Linda Charnes' Response

Issue Seven

Special Issue: Vagrant Subjects

Linda Woodbridge: Introduction

Patricia Fumerton: "Mocking Aristocratic Place:
The Perspective of the Streets"

Sandra Logan: "Fright Flight and the Suffering City:
Mobility, Catastrophe, and the State of Emergency"

Martine van Elk: "'She would tell none other tale':
Narrative Strategies in the Bridewell Court Books
and the Rogue Literature of the Early Modern Period"

A. L. Beier: "From the Organic Society to Utopian Civic Virtue:
Reforming the Poor and Re-Forming the Social Order in England,

Craig Dionne: "'Now For the Lords' Sake':
Vagrancy, Downward Mobility, and Low Aesthetics"
(Response to Fumerton, Logan, van Elk, and Beier)

The Electronic Seminar:

Patricia Fumerton: Response to Craig Dionne

Sandra Logan: Response to Linda Woodbridge and Craig Dionne

Issue Eight

Printing Publics:
A special issue dedicated to
the memory of Richard Helgerson

Edited by Patricia Fumerton

Patricia Fumerton: Introduction: Making Printing Publics

Michelle O'Callaghan: "Textual Gatherings:
Print, Community and Verse Miscellanies in Early Modern England"

Edward M. Test: "Making New World Publics:
Botanical Studies in Sixteenth-Century Europe"

Katharine Gillespie: "'Embrace not this Present World,
It will kisse you, and kill you; like a Sea of Glasse':
Republican Retreat and the Publicity of Private Selves in
Hugh Peter's Legacy to his Daughter, 1660"

Kris McAbee: "'No public glory vainly I pursue':
The Paradox of Printing Sonneteers"

Paul Yachnin: "Printing Publics:

The Electronic Seminar

Michelle O'Callaghan: Response to Paul Yachnin

Edward M. Test: Response to Paul Yachnin

Katharine Gillespie: Response to Paul Yachnin

Kris McAbee: Response to Paul Yachnin

Issue Nine

Special Issue:

New Idealism?

 David Hawkes: "Against Materialism in Literary Theory"

Michael Booth: "Cognitive Idealism:
A Response to David Hawkes's 'Against Materialism in Literary Theory'"

Adam Bryx & Bryan Reynolds: "Cheers to Materialism in Literary Theory:
A Diversion with David Hawkes"

William Flesch: "Other Memes, Other Minds"

Christopher Kendrick: "Response to David Hawkes"

 John Sutton and Evelyn B. Tribble: "Materialists Are Not Merchants of Vanishing"

David Hawkes: "Against Idealism Too: A Response to Critics"

The Electronic Seminar

Michael Booth: "Counter-response to David Hawkes"

William Flesch: "Reductive Anti-reductionism"

John Sutton and Evelyn B. Tribble: "Traffickers in Transformation"

Gabriel Egan: "Materialism, the Mind/Body Problem, and Genetics:
A Response to David Hawkes"


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