Special Issue:

New Idealism?

 David Hawkes:

"Against Materialism in Literary Theory"

Michael Booth:

"Cognitive Idealism:
A Response to David Hawkes's 'Against Materialism in Literary Theory'"

Adam Bryx & Bryan Reynolds:

"Cheers to Materialism in Literary Theory:
A Diversion with David Hawkes"

William Flesch:

"Other Memes, Other Minds"

Christopher Kendrick:

"Response to David Hawkes"

 John Sutton and Evelyn B. Tribble:

"Materialists Are Not Merchants of Vanishing"

David Hawkes:

"Against Idealism Too: A Response to Critics"

The Electronic Seminar

 Michael Booth:

"Counter-response to David Hawkes"

 William Flesch:

"Reductive Anti-reductionism"

John Sutton and Evelyn B. Tribble:

"Traffickers in Transformation"

Gabriel Egan:

"Materialism, the Mind/Body Problem, and Genetics:
A Response to David Hawkes"



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