Special Issue: Vagrant Subjects

 Linda Woodbridge:


Patricia Fumerton:

"Mocking Aristocratic Place:
The Perspective of the Streets"

Sandra Logan:

"Fright Flight and the Suffering City:
Mobility, Catastrophe, and the State of Emergency"

Martine van Elk:

"'She would tell none other tale':
Narrative Strategies in the Bridewell Court Books
and the Rogue Literature of the Early Modern Period"

A. L. Beier:

"From the Organic Society to Utopian Civic Virtue:
Reforming the Poor and Re-Forming the Social Order in England, 1500-1550"

 Craig Dionne:

"'Now For the Lords' Sake':
Vagrancy, Downward Mobility, and Low Aesthetics"
(Response to Fumerton, Logan, van Elk, and Beier)

The Electronic Seminar

Patricia Fumerton

Response to Craig Dionne

 Sandra Logan:

Response to Linda Woodbridge and Craig Dionne



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