A Response to Garrett Sullivan

by Valerie Wayne


I want to add a note of thanks to Garrett Sullivan for his astute reading of my essay. As I revised it, I took careful note of his comments: I dropped the anecdote because I agreed with him that its payoff wasn't sufficient, and I considered briefly how the bloody cloth shows the limits of the Appadurian model in approaching this play's stage properties. In response to some feminist critics who have emphasized Cymbeline's disincorporation of the feminine, I added a fuller discussion of the way in which these props materialize women's absence on the English Renaissance stage. For the bloody cloth in particular, I discussed at some length how it manifests Posthumus's accommodation to the female body. My revised essay is called "The Woman's Parts of Cymbeline" and will appear later in 2002 in Staged Properties in Early Modern English Drama, ed. Jonathan Gil Harris and Natasha Korda, from Cambridge UP.



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